4.1 - Time Bar

The time bar is located at the bottom of the StocksToTrade 2.3 Main window.

The purpose of the time bar is to display the current time, date and time position relative to the trading session.

By right clicking on the date you may also change the display time format. For more information refer to Chapter 1.6.

Previous Day Data

The Time Bar also features a checkbox called Previous Day. Checking this box displays previous day scanner results on all stock lists:

  • Basic Scans
  • Custom Scans
  • Top % gainers/losers

It is used to perform research on previous day data.

Connection Status

The Time Bar also features a connection status indicator located at the bottom left of the main StocksToTrade 2.3 window.

This indicator is used to inform users of the current connection status to the StocksToTrade data provision servers.

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