1.5 - StocksToTrade Settings

Settings Menu


The settings menu can be accessed on the main interface by using the Gear icon () on the top right corner of the application.

Three options are offered:

  • Edit Profile - allows users to change their user information and avatar image
  • Themes - allows you to change the visual aspect of the application
  • Logout - terminates the current session without quitting the application

Editing the Profile

Users may choose to edit their user information directly from StocksToTrade as well as adding a profile picture to their account.

This is achieved by opening the "Edit Profile" dialog from the Settings menu.


You may edit any of the fields in this screen and simply click on "Save" to save your changes.

Changing StocksToTrade Theme

The "Themes" submenu in the Settings menu will present you with two choices:

  • Light Theme
  • Dark Theme

You may switch between themes without restarting the application, only by selecting your preferred layout.

Light Theme

Dark Theme


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