4.6 - Stock Alerts

Stock Alerts are notifications informing users that matching alert criteria they have specified have been met.

When an alert is triggered, a popup message appears:

The Alert Set widgets show the following columns:

  • Type - the criteria being matched for the alert
  • Parameter - the comparison operator being used
  • Symbol - the stock symbol being used as a reference for the alert
  • % or $ tgt - the value that the alert must match based on the trigger operator
  • Triggered - whether the alert has been triggered

Creating an Alert Set

You may create an Alert Set (a collection of alerts) by clicking on the Alerts Menu and selecting New Alert:

Renaming the Alert Set

To rename the Alert Set, simply double click on the Alert Set title; this will trigger the editing field and you may enter a representative number for this list.

Adding Alerts to the Alert Set

To add stocks to your watchlist, simply enter the symbol in the ADD SYMBOL text field and press enter.

A dialog will be shown where you must enter the Alert trigger parameters. Set these parameters according to your needs and click Create to add the Alert.


Please refer to Appendix G for a list and description of the available parameters.

Deleting Stocks from the Alert Set

You may delete any stock from the Alert Set by simply clicking on the orange Delete Icon to the right of the entry:

Hiding and Deleting the Alert Set

To delete the watchlist, simply click on the Wrench Icon () for the list and select Delete:

You may use the Wrench Icon () to hide the Alert Set.

Showing and Hiding all Alert Sets

You may show and hide all watchlists by accessing the Alerts Menu and selecting respectively Show All and Hide All:

Showing Hidden Watchlists

You may show a specific inactive Alert Set by accessing the Alerts Menu and selecting the relevant Alert by its name:

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