4.5 - Custom Watchlists

Custom Watchlists allow traders to collect all relevant stocks to their plan and quickly track them by showing them on the Sidebar.

You can create a new Watchlist by accessing the  Watchlists & Scans menu:

You may create as many Custom Watchlists as you need.

In the Watchlist widget, you may add or remove and sort columns as necessary, similar to our Scans and Custom Scans.

Renaming the Watchlist

To rename the Watchlist, simply double-click on the Watchlist title; this will trigger the editing field, and you may enter a representative number for this list.

Adding Stocks to the Watchlist

To add stocks to your watchlist, enter the symbol in the ADD SYMBOL text field and press enter.

Additionally, you may enter symbols in bulk by typing them in succession, separated by a combination of spaces, commas, and semicolons (" ", ",", ";").

All valid stocks will automatically be inserted into your list and tracked in real-time.

Deleting Stocks from the Watchlist

You may delete any stock from the watchlist by simply clicking on the orange Delete Icon to the right of the entry:

Hiding and Deleting the Watchlist

To delete the watchlist, simply click on the Wrench Icon () for the list and select Delete:

You may use the Wrench Icon () to hide the watchlist.

Showing and Hiding all Watchlists

You may show and hide all watchlists by accessing the Watchlists & Scans menu and selecting respectively Show All and Hide All:

Showing Hidden Watchlists

You may show a specific inactive Watchlist by accessing the Watchlists & Scans menu and selecting the relevant Watchlist by its name:



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