2.1 - Introduction

The main screen provides the main visualization elements for StocksToTrade. It essentially provides all of the information relevant to any given stock.

The main screen is composed of various elements:

  • Header
  • Content View



The role of the header is to provide an easily accessible view of all open content views.

It is used to place and organize Stock Views and Scanner Views.

The header is composed of the following elements:

  • Search box - allows to open a stock by its symbol
  • Tab selector - allows to place and organize open tabs
  • New tab button - allows to create an empty tab
  • Current user information
  • Settings button
  • Notifications button 


Content View

The content view is in charge of displaying the necessary information about the current tab.

The Content View is composed of a Header which provides basic information about a stock as well as the various element buttons and the actual Content View Body to display these widgets on screen.

Content View Header

This header provides the most basic information about a given stock:

  • Symbol
  • Company Name
  • Last Price
  • % Change
  • Net Change


Additionally, the header provides a set of widget buttons to populate the view area and display the necessary data on screen for a given tab:

  • Total View - displays all widgets
  • Charting - displays a chart for a given stock
  • Basics - displays basic quantitative information about the stock
  • Level 2 - the Level 2 monitor
  • Time & Sales - opens the time and sales monitor
  • Info - displays News, SEC Filings, Events, Chat, Profile, Key Statistics, Order, Related, Twitter Feed, Rating
  • Tip Ranks - TipRanks lets you see the track record and measured performance of any analyst 



Alternatively, a tab header may display empty data without the necessity of displaying a particular stock. This is useful to open only Scanners and keep them in separate tabs.


Empty tabs may be renamed for easy reference.

The Content View Header also allows to undock the current tab as a floating window. This is achieved by clicking on the Undock icon ()

Content View Body

The Content View Body offers a restricted space in which to place each open widget associated with the current tab.

Each widget in the body may be moved and resized within the boundaries of the container; any overflowing items can be accessed with the scrollbars for the container.

Usage and purpose of each of the widgets will be covered in later chapters.


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