Being Contacted by Tim or Any Other STT Trader Through Social Media

If you receive any communication on social media claiming to be from Tim, Matt, Bryce, Kyle, Jack, Mariana, John, or StocksToTrade, please refrain from responding. This is likely a scam!

Neither Tim nor any STT Trader will reach out to you through social media or offer to trade on your behalf. If you encounter someone making such claims, we advise you to report and block them. For tips on how to protect yourself from scammers, please visit the following links:

There are certain actions we will never take:

  • Contact you directly through social media, except when responding to your initiated DMs
  • Sell products or services through social media DMs
  • Trade on your behalf
  • Engage in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency trading
  • Request money transfers via platforms like What's Up or Venmo. All purchases are made exclusively through our designated checkout pages.

Contact with any questions or concerns. 

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