How to Use the STT Platform and Its Features

We understand that it can be initially intimidating when diving into the STT platform and its many tools and features that are offered. Because of this, we have created sections on the STT University where you can learn about the tools through our comprehensive video series.

Note that all the University links provided below may require you to log in. You can locate your login credentials in your welcome email or contact us at and we will be happy to help. 


For a quick run-through of the STT features and how to best use and navigate the platform, we suggest watching the following tutorials:

For more in-depth videos on the features and how to utilize them to the fullest, you can watch our Demo Series here:

For a guide on how to use the features with more of a traders edge (vs the functionality) you can watch our Traders Feature Guide here:

For learning basic trading terms, please visit:

As you log in and explore the STT University, you will find more videos that can support you in learning to use STT to its fullest while helping you become more and more profitable in your trading. 



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