What Add On Features does StocksToTrade offer?



StocksToTrade offers the following Add On Features that you can add to your subscription at any time via your account dashboard located here: https://orders.stockstotrade.com/cp


Level 2 Data

$29/Monthly & $345/Annually


Level 2 will give you the best and all bid and ask prices for a given stock in real-time. It will also provide you with the different Market Markers and IDs. Level 2 will also include a 5 count bar that shows you the live-action of bids and asks coming in, in real-time! Knowing exactly who has an interest in a stock can be extremely useful for any style of trading! 


Here is where you can add-on this feature to your current subscription: https://orders.stockstotrade.com/cp/add_ons 


Note that this add-on feature is only available to current monthly or annual subscribers to STT. 

Breaking News Chat

$49/Monthly & $490/Annually


The Breaking News Chat feature is a chatroom on the StocksToTrade platform where our analysts provide relevant breaking news in real-time. Their goal is to help our subscribers gain access to breaking news articles before they are released or the stock has reacted. As former wall Streeters, our analysts also interact with our subscribers, answering and engaging in the chat when they are not breaking news. 


These alerts provide you with market information and a major EDGE on other traders! As a trader, knowledge is power, and having access to information is very important! There are literally tens of thousands of headlines a day on the news wire, it’s being able to filter that out for actionable trade ideas that is key and exactly what the Breaking News Chat analysts provide! 


The Breaking News Chatroom is a community of traders of all levels, working hard towards the similar goal of making profits in the market! Don’t miss out on this amazing feature!


For a video, more information, and a trial offer, please visit:





Tip Ranks

$8.95/Monthly & $89.50/Annually


Tip Ranks is a tool used to give you insight into different stocks in the market. It provides you with the Analyst Rating, Insider Rating, and Hedge Fund Rating. Based on these ratings, you will be able to see if the stock is currently a Strong Buy, Buy, Neutral, Sell, or Strong Sell. 


Learn more about this tool here: https://university.stockstotrade.com/tipranks/ 




Small Cap Rockets

$50/Monthly & $500/Annually


Small-Cap Rockets is a room in the StocksToTrade platform where our experienced traders Matt Monaco and Bryce Tuohey share the stocks they are trading themselves! The information provided will allow you to see not only the stocks they are trading but how our experienced traders get in and out of stock positions. 


For a trial and to learn more about our experienced traders, please visit:


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