Breaking News Chat Questions/Answers

How do I know which posts are the Former Wall Street Analysts?

  • There are two that alert in breaking news in the chat room their usernames are Breaking_News and Breaking_News_Anaylist

What if I don’t see the highlighted Breaking News users?

  • Their highlight will not show after hours and when they are not online, if by 9:00 am EST you still do not see the color change please log out and back into your STT platform to reset it. If there are still issues please contact us at

Do the Analysts give me buy and sell points for the stocks posted?

  • No, they are weeding through thousands of stocks a day to give you the stocks that have the highest probability of movement based on their news.

Should I buy all stocks the Breaking News Analyst post on the chat room?

  • PLEASE don't blindly buy everything they alert on. The breaking news chat room is meant to give you all an EDGE so you know why a stock is moving higher or lower before most other traders know what is going on. Once you have that edge, you can decide if it makes sense to enter a trade.

When should I post my questions?

  • The Pre Market and the first 90 minutes of trading are typically the busiest. Please post any trading related questions at 11:00 AM EST, that is when things start to slow down.

Will the analysts point out other potential trades that are not Breaking News?

  • They will alert you to solid trade setups that have nothing to do with breaking news. If they see a good technical set up, they will let you know. If a stock is breaking above a major resistance level, or through a multi-month high on solid volume, they will let you know. Those usually are good opportunities with higher probability setups to take advantage of. Those types of setups may not come up every day, but when they do see them, they will alert the room.
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