Changelog 2.2.1-h1 - 2018-11-16 - Hotfix

Changelog for version 2.2.1-h1

  • Fixed - [Mojave] Desktop app crashes when moving news window with highlights
  • Fixed - [Mojave] Application closes after clicking total view using a specific step
  • Fixed - [Mojave] Crash closing tab with drawings
  • Fixed - [Mojave] Twitter Screener - Edit trusted list not functioning as expected
  • Fixed - [Mojave] News Scan - Highlight specific news page not working as expected
  • Fixed - [Mojave] Unable to modify settings on High Low Ticker.
  • Fixed - [Mojave] Login - Fields and button not responding correctly
  • Fixed - [Mojave] Alert - unable to enter data on Alert on new headline window
  • Fixed - [Mojave] Filter - unable to enter data on Filter Results window
  • Fixed - [Mojave] Chart - Text on text tool not visible when dark mode is on on Mac
  • Fixed - [Mojave] Some buttons not readable when on Dark mode in MacOS
  • Fixed - [Mojave] Chart - Clicking on Previous day causes the application to close
  • Fixed - [Mojave] Platform Bug after new Mac Mojave update
  • Fixed - [General] - UI bugs after Mac OS Mojave update
  • Fixed - [Agreement] Remove default values for country/state fields
  • Fixed - [Agreement] Signature should not require middle name
  • Fixed - Focus moved from watchlist after adding a symbol
  • Fixed - Mac - crash clearing search after highlighing news
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