How StocksToTrade works with brokerage linked accounts

StockstoTrade.Com Inc. developed a proprietary broker aggregation system to offer our valued customers the capability to trade directly from the StocksToTrade platform by using your online broker account. 

If your brokerage account is supported by our integration, you will be able to add it to StocksToTrade and perform trades directly from the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is StocksToTrade considered a broker?

No. StocksToTrade is not a broker dealer. StocksToTrade provides a platform and data services that will allow you to trade US securities thanks to our proprietary Broker Aggregation system. All order information and communications are transmitted directly to your broker through its respective API, who has the exclusive responsibility of executing your trades and provide order and trade status updates. StocksToTrade is not responsible for any trades or actions you may take in relation to your brokerage account. Moreover, StocksToTrade does not provide any investment advise in regards to any security, order or transaction.

Does StocksToTrade charge a fee or commission?

No. StocksToTrade does not charge or collect fees or commissions for trades that have been initiated through a brokerage linked account on the StocksToTrade platform. Your broker account fees will still be applicable based on the account specific fees and commissions established by the brokerage firm.

Is my portfolio data saved on StocksToTrade?

All trading and portfolio related information displayed on StocksToTrade is obtained directly from the broker through our proprietary broker aggregation interface and displayed on the StocksToTrade client. StocksToTrade will store this information locally on your device to improve your product experience, reduce information latency, appropriately display your account balance, holdings and trades. To learn more about your more about your privacy related to the usage of our service, please refer to the StocksToTrade Privacy Statement.

Can StocksToTrade perform trades without my authorization?

No. StocksToTrade will not place any trades or cancel trades without your expressed authorization. Once you have linked your brokerage account to StocksToTrade, you exclusively control the ability to place or cancel trades, through the StocksToTrade platform. StocksToTrade does not provide any automation trading systems. All orders and order related actions must be manually initiated from the platform to be passed onto the corresponding brokerage link.

What happens if you encounter an error placing or cancelling an order?

StocksToTrade is required to display the error message received from your broker arising from any interaction with your broker through our proprietary broker aggregation integration on the StocksToTrade platform. If you experience unexpected issues with placing orders through our platform, please contact our support team.

StocksToTrade strongly recommends, whenever possible, keeping your broker web trading tool open when performing trades using the our proprietary broker aggregation integration.

How does StocksToTrade gain access to my brokerage account to place and cancel trades?

StocksToTrade uses its proprietary broker aggregation system, which is in charge of collecting, and transmitting orders through the corresponding broker APIs. This is achieved by requesting authentication tokens for your account following a successful login on the broker system. All order information is formatted and passed to the broker corresponding to the selected integration and updated according to the integration data that is received directly from the broker.

Does StocksToTrade store my brokerage account login credentials or security questions?

No. StocksToTrade does not store your brokerage account login credentials or security questions. The transmission of your credentials to your broker for account is done directly through the built-in browser windo for authentication as per broker API requirements (in most cases OAuth v1). StocksToTrade then collects and transmits submitted trade orders to linked brokers through its proprietary broker integration order execution management system. In order to allow the broker integration system to work, StocksToTrade stores and encrypts access tokens, which enable the trading capabilities on the platform.

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