Lagging and Crashing

If you are experiencing Lagging or Crashing please check below for the potential causes.

Antivirus, Firewall, Personal IPS, Anti-Spyware/Malware

In certain cases lagging and crashing has been related to active Anti-Virus or security services applications.

StocksToTrade transfers a lot of data in order to obtain stock information for every stock on the market.

If you are experiencing crashing or interface response delays please try the following steps:

  • Temporarily disable your security solution (Anti-Virus, Firewall, IPS, Anti-Spyware/Malware)
  • close and restart StocksToTrade
  • check whether the issue is resolved.

If StocksToTrade is able to run while your security solution is disabled, you will need to add an exception to it in order to allow the application to run properly.

Please refer to he online manual of your security solution for details on how to add expections/allow programs to run.

System and Internet specifications below minimum requirements

StocksToTrade does require a certain amount of system resources in order to run smoothly. 

We have established the minimum system requirements in this page: 1.2 - System Requirements

If your system specifications do not match or surpass the minimal requirements, you may experience lagging or crashing when attempting to run StocksToTrade.

How to deal with a crash?

If you are experiencing a crash and do not fall within the cases mentioned above, you may be victim of an unknown bug.

Please send an email to and provide the following information.

Please provide more details as to how you are running the program as well as details about your system: 
  • Operating System, CPU, RAM, Graphics adapter
  • If possible a list of installed applications exported as text file
  • Do you have an antivirus? Which one?
  • Was is it a clean install or an update?
  • Are you running a 64-bit or a 32-bit
  • Was the crash immediately at the opening/installing? What message did you get?
  • What type of internet connection do you have
  • did restarting the application fix the issue?
  • If the application was running, How many tabs did you have open?
  • Screenshots or a video of the issue would also help us better understand the problem and come up with a solution.
Additionally, if you could provide us with the data files of the application, this would help us further look into the problem.
You may find these by referring to the following articles:
Please attach and send us the following files:
  • StocksToTrade.ini
  • STTLog.log
  • STTCharts.log
  • pageDefault.ini
  • your_user_email_dot_com_watchlists.xml
  • your_user_email_dot_com.xml
  • your_user_email_dot_com.png
Please note that "your_user_email_dot_com" should actually match your registration email address.
Please refer to the following articles on how to best report issues in order for us to better help solve an issue:
With this information we will be able further investigate the issue
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