2016-01-19 - Mac crashes on update to 2.0.1501

On January 15th an updated was issued for StocksToTrade to update from version 2.0.1460 to 2.0.1501.

In some cases, the update has been reported to cause crashes upon loading the application.

You may see the following window appear:

The issue is due to an error in the Mac updater application that is causing the underlying crash.

Please collect and send us the following file for inspection:

  • "update.xml" located in Applications/StocksToTrade/Contents/MacOS - this is available by displaying the context menu on the StocksToTrade application item and selecting "Show Package Contents"
  • send the file to dev@stockstotrade.com

Here are the steps required to solve the problem:

  • Navigate to ~/Library/Preferences/
    • Note that the "Library" menu item may be hidden on your system; to make it appear simply press and hold the option button and click on the Go menu in Finder.

  • Delete the following files:
    • StocksToTrade.ini
    • pageDefault.ini
    • prevDayData.data
    • your_user_email_doc_com_watchlists.xml
    • your_user_email_doc_com.xml
    • your_user_email_doc_com.png
  • Uninstall the existing version of StocksToTrade
  • Download the latest version from the link originally provided
  • Reinstall StocksToTrade

Please note that deleting these files will clear your StocksToTrade settings.

We are currently fully aware of the issue and are working on a fix to prevent this problem in further releases.

Note: In the StocksToTrade Data directory, you may save and reuse the following files:

  • your_user_email_doc_com_watchlists.xml
  • StocksToTrade.ini

If you keep on encountering crashes after following these steps, please file a Bug Report ticket.

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