2.8 - Basic & Custom Screeners


Scanners are one of the core features of StocksToTrade 2.3. They allow you to have a real time view of all the stocks that match a very specific set of criteria.

There are two main types of scanners available:

  • Basic Scanners - a set of pre-set criteria established by Timothy Sykes to perform efficient stock research in real-time
  • Custom Screener - a scanner builder that allows you to fully customize all of the scanner parameters according to your needs.

The anatomy of the scanner results

Scanner results will be similar for both types of scanners, as they both rely on the same display mechanism regardless of the search criteria being used to find stocks.

Note: A single scan widget is allowed per tab

Adding, moving, sorting and removing columns

All stock tables in StocksToTrade 2.3 allow adding, moving sorting, and removing data columns from the display (this is also applicable too sidebar widgets in Chapter 4).

  • To add a column simply right click on any of the column headers. This will display the column menu: 


You may select any column you require from the wide range of options available.

  • To move a column, simply drag the desired column to its desired position.
  • To sort a column, click on the column header, you will notice an arrow that indicates whether sorting is ascending (arrow pointing up Screen_Shot_2021-01-24_at_2.26.11_PM.png) or descending (arrow pointing down Screen_Shot_2021-01-24_at_2.26.24_PM.png)
  • To remove a column, right click and select Remove "<Column Name>", where "<Column Name>" indicates the label on the header of the column you wish to remove.

Scanner information

You may obtain details about the current scanner by hovering over the Information icon () at the bottom of the scan widget window.

This will provide you with the top level criteria for the current scan:

Filtering down results

Scanners provide a first layer or filtering by matching all the stocks that meet the criteria for the current scan. 

Results can be narrowed down by using the second layer of filtering.

This is achieved by clicking on the Filter Current Results button:


A dialog will pop up allowing to insert the filtration values according to your specific needs; this filter can be applied by clicking on Filter Now and cleared by clicking on Clear:


Pausing scanner

At any time during the live session you may pause the current scanner, which results in a frozen snapshot of the current state of the scanner.

This is achieved by checking the box at the top of the scanner widget:


Unchecking the box will re-enable real-time updates on the selected scanner

Basic Scanners

Basic scanners provides a selection of preset scan criteria based on Timothy Sykes' winning penny stocking strategies.

The Basic scanners are disabled by default and must be actively enabled in order to display the necessary scanner.

Opening the list of available scans is achieved by clicking on the Scans button

This will show a menu with the full list of available preset scanners sorted by category:

For the full list of Basic Scans and their usage, please refer to Appendix A.

Custom Screeners

Custom Screeners are the most powerful feature of StocksToTrade 2.3. They allow you to build your own criteria to match your strategy needs for researching and finding suitable stocks in real time.

You can access the Scanner builder by clicking on the Screener button Screen_Shot_2021-01-23_at_10.37.18_PM.png

Screener Builder

Upon clicking on the Screener button, you will be presented with the Screener Builder tool:



Here we will create a simple scan that looks for stocks with the last price greater than or equal too $1.25!



Clearing the filter parameters

You may clear the filter at any time by clicking on the Clear button.

Saving a custom scan

Once you are done creating a custom scan, you may choose to save it for later use.

Note: Custom Scans parameters are only remembered as long as the current tab is open. When the tab is closed, all unsaved scan parameters will be lost.

To save your custom scan, simply click on Save and provide a representative name for it.


You may reload any saved scans by clicking on the name of the scan under the Screeners section at the top right of the widget:


Running the filter

Running the currently loaded filter may be achieved by simply clicking on the Run button.

*If you are interested in further assistance with building scan, you should look into our SteadyTrade Team program run by our lead trainer Tim Bohen! In this program, you would receive training, webinars, and more: https://stockstotrade.com/steadytrade-team/ 

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