Process for Beta Testing

The process for beta testing StocksToTrade 2.0 is as follows:

  • Read and understand the available documentation for StocksToTrade
  • Fit StocksToTrade into your research and trading routines
  • Collect any issues, errors, annoyances
  • Take notes of the strengths and weaknesses that you discover
  • Write down and share your comments and suggestions about how to improve StocksToTrade

Reference Data

We have performed rigorous testing of the underlying data and performed calculations for StocksToTrade, however it is strongly advised that you keep your usual trading platform open for reference and comparison purposes.

This will allow you to notice and report any discrepancies in data that our Q&A team may have missed during the development process.

Filling out the Survey

At the end of the Beta testing phase, we will randomly hand out a limited number of access to our Beta Survey in order to collect more information about the Beta testing experience.

If you don't receive a survey, fill free to share your opinions by email or by submitting a "Feedback" support type ticket.

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