Role of a Beta Tester

If you have been chosen to take part in the exclusive early access program to StocksToTrade as Beta tester you will need to take into consideration your role.

Your role as a tester will be to perform your daily stock finding routine as you normally would with your platform, tools or other real-time scanner in order to identify potential issues during use that may not have been discovered by our Q&A team.

StocksToTrade can be used for intraday, after hours or off market stock research.

Your goal will be to perform normal use of the application; additionally you’ll have to pay close attention at the behavior of the application in a real environment and how it fares against your own trading process/routine.

Whenever possible take notes in regards to your experience with StocksToTrade, issues, thoughts, suggestions and comments.

Sharing your findings during, or at the end of, the beta process will help us greatly improve the software and adapt it to your needs as it grows.

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