Reporting an issue

If you think you have found a bug, annoyance or an issue that you'd like to report, please take the following steps to file a report:

  • Open a support ticket
  • Take note of the steps you have take in order to create/encounter the issue
  • Provide the information about your system/computer
    • CPU,
    • RAM,
    • Operating system (Windows, Mac),
    • OS version,
    • Hard disk space,
    • etc...
  • Describe the issue that you have encountered in as much detail as possible
  • Make a video or take a screenshot of the issue to illustrate and make it easier for our developers to replicate and correct
  • Include the build version of StocksToTrade that you are running - found in the settings (gear  on the upper right corner of StocksToTrade)

Once you have collected all the necessary information, please submit it to our team for further review.


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