Appendix B - Custom Scanner High-Level Criteria


Available Options



  •  Earnings 
  • Filings 
  • News

To narrow down the selection to companies with news, filings, or earnings on a specific day or within the past three days.

Select Markets

  • NYSE
  • AMEX

To allow the selection of specific markets from which to retrieve data.


Stock Types

  • Regular Securities 
  • Class A Shares
  • Class B Shares
  • Issuer Qualification Exception 
  • New Issue
  • Delinquent (in regard ti SEC filings
  • Foreign Issue 
  • First Convertible Bond
  • Second Convertible Bond
  • Third Convertible Bond
  • Voting
  • Non-Voting
  • Fourth Preferred Issue
  • Third Preferred Issue
  • Second Preferred Issue
  • First Preferred Issue
  • Bankruptcy 
  • Rights Issue
  • Shares of Beneficial Interest
  • Securities with warrants or rights
  • Units
  • When issued or when distributed
  • Warrants
  • American Depository Receipt
  • Miscellaneous Situation
  • ETFs
  • ETNs
  • Indices
  • Others

To facilitate the selection of a specific stock type for displaying data.



  • No Sector
  • Technology 
  • Communication Services
  • Real Estate 
  • Consumer Cyclical 
  • Basic Materials
  • Utilities 
  • Healthcare 
  • Industrials
  • Financial Services
  • Energy 
  • Consumer Defensive

To allow the selection of specific stock sectors for displaying data.


  • N/A

Filter the results by using your saved watchlist. For example, if the user has created a watchlist with the IBM, GOOG and MSFT symbols, the filter result will show only the data for those 3 symbols (and any additional filters applied).


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