What is StocksToTrade?

StocksToTrade is a real-time stock scanner intended to quickly find potential stock opportunities based on a wide variety of criteria.

Some of the features of StocksToTrade include:

  • Super Fast Real-Time Level 1 and Level 2 for all US equities
  • All major US Markets: NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX and OTC Markets
  • Time-tested winning strategy scans
  • Dynamic charts with news indicators
  • Chart Drawing tools, indicators and studies
  • Price event alerts on chart
  • Real-Time criteria based News Streamer
  • Watchlist filtered news
  • SEC Filings streamer
  • Stock context SEC Filings and News
  • Unlimited watch lists
  • Criteria based custom stock screener
  • Powerful pre-programmed scans based on Timothy Sykes winning strategies
  • Quick access to Top % gainers and losers
  • Quick access to New Highs and Lows
  • Filterable previous-day data for research
  • User settable stock alerts
  • Linked information for efficiency
  • Scroll through your existing watchlists fast
  • Quickly find related companies in the same industry
  • Stock Key Statistics available at your fingertips
  • Company profile with basic stock information
  • Oracle feature to quickly find stocks with momentum potential
  • Stock criteria filterable Twitter feed to know which stocks are hot
  • Paper Trading for practicing without risking capital
  • Much More!

This makes StocksToTrade an invaluable tool to improve your trading efficiency and research process.

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