What are the benefits of using StocksToTrade?

StocksToTrade is a full-featured trading screener that was created with the only goal of increasing day trading efficiency for day-to-day, individual traders.

Here are some of the benefits of using StocksToTrade:

  • The ultimate trading platform created by traders, for traders
  • Find hot stocks in real time
  • Stop wasting time researching. Get all the tools at the click of a button.
  • Split-second results for stocks based on YOUR criteria
  • Get the latest news first for the stocks that matter to YOU
  • Automate the hard work of research and focus exclusively on trading
  • See important events on the chart and react quickly
  • Trade like Tim Sykes with his popular stock research strategies
  • Get ahead of the game with accurate actionable information when you need it
  • Keep track of all the stocks relevant to YOUR trading style
  • An unfair advantage that Tim Sykes wished he had when he started
  • Find stocks that are active on Twitter and match YOUR specific criteria
  • Discover stocks in the same industry that potentially have momentum
  • Train your trading skills with real-time data without risking a dime of your capital
  • Quickly place paper trading orders with a versatile order tool at your disposal
  • Find the best potential plays thanks to our proprietary predictive algorithms
  • Access all your watchlists fast from a single platform
  • Frequent software updates to add new features based on YOUR every need
  • Designed with trading efficiency in mind
  • A trading platform made for YOU
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