Accessing StocksToTrade's Data Directory

Accessing the Data directory can be achieved directly from the Application as follows:

In addition, accessing the data directory can be done directly by following the instructions below.

On Windows, this may be achieved by opening a File Explorer window and entering the following string in the address bar:

  • %LOCALAPPDATA%\StocksToTrade\

This string is a shortcut variable that allows quickly accessing the following user directory:

  • C:\Users\My_User_Account\AppData\Local\StocksToTrade\

On Mac OS X, this may be achieved by accessing the following directory:

  • ~/Library/Preferences/StocksToTrade/backup

The simplest way to do so in Finder is by pressing the following key combination:

  • CMD + SHIFT + G

And then entering the string above to quickly access the location.

Here is the file description for each of the files that you should restore based on the data you wish to recover:

  • Post Reset Backup directory: backup
  • Basic StocksTotrade settings: StocksToTrade.ini
  • Personal watchlists: your_user_email_dot_com_watchlists.xml
  • Personal alerts: your_user_email_dot_com_alerts.xml
  • Personal Chart settings: your_user_email_dot_com_charts.xml
  • Personal News Streamer settings: your_user_email_dot_com_newsscans.xml
  • Layout settings: your_user_email_dot_com.xml
  • Twitter Screener settings: your_user_email_dot_twitterscreeners.xml
  • Personal avatar: your_user_email_dot_com.png
  • Trading Module Security Questions:
  • Stored Trading Accounts:
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